Excerpt taken from Justifiable: Oregon

" The subject slowly turned his head to stare straight into his captor’s eyes and he knew. He knew just as his victims had known, there was no way out. Not a sound was made. Not by either of the men, not even as the interrogator stepped closer to the table, all the while returning his stare" - Pamela Wright Justifiable: Oregon

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last month a man in a neighboring town received a two year sentence for first-degree sexual abuse of children under the age of twelve.  Yes, I said children and the youngest was under the age of six.  Why the light sentence you ask?  Assistant commonwealth's attorney Joe Ballard offered the pedophile, Palmer Buster, 45, an ALFORD plea.  An Alford plea allows a defendant to maintain his innocence and serve a lighter sentence when the defendant believes there is enough evidence against them to get a conviction. 
My question is why the commonwealth would consider an Alford plea when they had enough evidence to convict a child raping animal.  Buster will be out and coming to a neighborhood near you very soon, he will be trolling and preparing for his next mark, your child or mine, because the commonwealth told him with a two year sentence that child rape is no big deal.

Friday, June 24, 2011

When Does Action Become JUSTIFIABLE

I spoke with a woman recently about human trafficking and the subject turned to the Natalee Holloway case.  This unassuming woman is slight, well dressed and elegant in her manners so what she said to me was surprising.  The woman said if Natalee had been her daughter, she would have sold her home and quietly hired a team to go and get Urine Van Der Sloot. "That team would get the truth out of him and I would know what happened to my daughter."  Her stand was that of so many people I talk to, people are sick of being afraid.  We are tired of criminals, pedophiles, animals that use and abuse others.

Would this woman's plan of action be JUSTIFIABLE, I guess that would depend on whom we ask?  The parents of the dead girl in Peru would have their daughter alive and well if she had used her plan.